Who is smidgeon, ink?

That's me, being pensive.That’d be me, and me would be Jeremy Dwiggins. I have two decades of experience in fine art, photo editing, and design, with deep training in advanced design methodologies using traditional media as well as desktop publishing software. My off-beat yet refined creative eye, considerable production skills and cross-platform comfort are the hallmarks of my strengths, and I aim to use my powers for Good ~ answering the call for illustration, pre-press, and retouching, come what may. I have previously designed interface elements for meeting planning software serving the hospitality field, spent seven years before that as a designer and presentation specialist in the financial field, with widely varied projects ranging from web design to Flash animation, presentations to print work, and logo design to retouching. Trained as a fine artist and illustrator, with strong focus on pencil, colored pencil, and pen-and-ink styles. Extensive practical knowledge of Photoshop (since 1993) as well as Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver and QuarkXpress.

For the last several years, I’ve been working on a Norse-themed tarot deck, called the Lay of Nine Worlds. It’s finally available as a purchaseable deck, and you can buy one soon.

My Specialties:

Traditional illustration, digital illustration, digital photomanipulation, correction & retouching, logo/branding design, pre-press, film and plate output, 4-color process, effective low-tech web production, HTML

A Story About an Icon:

“Say, Dad, What’s a smidgeon?” stain_vectored_210

“Well, son, I’m glad you asked.  See, legend has it that the ancients created gargoyles to protect themselves from evil spirits and things that go bump in the night. Something to keep them safe at night, but that they wouldn’t have to walk or feed all day. They made lots of things into gargoyles; gar-ducks and gar-dogs, gar-men and gar-monsters, gar-critters of every description.  But the saddest  thing that they created was a pigeon with the wings of a dragon, the smidgeon.  More than any other gargoyle, the smidgeon was DOOMED… doomed to fly the night, protecting the countryside, and becoming a statue at dawn.”

“Um, what’s so doomed about that?”

“Well, Son, I guess the worst part was getting pooped on by real pigeons all day.”

“Ewww.  Geez, Dad, sometimes I wonder why I ask you anything.”